‘asylum’ digibook kickstarter campaign to include DVD

TALANAS kickstarter cover

with just under a week left to go before the deadline, our kickstarter campaign for the digibook version of ‘asylum’ (our new acoustic mini-album) has managed to reach the essential part of its target, however – a bigger and better prospect now beckons…


the funds are now in place to secure the structure and duplication of the hardback digibook, which is set to feature an uncommonly splendid collection of delights, including:

  • 20+ pages of colour artwork
  • conceptual design & photography
  • band photography
  • full lyrics & themed content
  • personal & technical information
  • the album itself

yet here, having put our heads and other appendages together, we presently realise that if we set the new goal of £1,500 then we might just be able to create a DVD as a second disc for the package that may very well contain:

  • full introduction & retrospective on the band / album
  • equipment & technical overviews
  • song lyric & background information
  • ‘sister damnable’ promo & ‘making of’ videos
  • exclusive visual materials (unreleased tour & promo clips)
  • footage of ewan interfering with a wall

there are plenty of rewards & incentives available for a considerable number of different pledge amounts, from £10 to £1,000, meaning you can have your name in the digibook itself, have us take you out (not in the hitman sense) for high tea and/or even instigate a private performance (mostly clothed).

you can contribute to the cause, or even increase your current pledge, by visiting this link.

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